Q-01. What does "SAIJO INX" mean?
A. SAIJO comes from a Shrine's name in Okayama. The founder had a deep relationship with it and he was fortunately granted the use of its name. And "IN", of INX, is short for international, intelligence, information, industry, incorporation, and integration. "X" stands for infinite possibilities.
Q-02. What is the definition of thin sheet metal by SAIJO INX?
A. SAIJO INX considers thicknesses from 0.05mm to 3.2mm as thin sheet metal. We frequently process less than 0.5mm for prototypes, less than 1.0mm for mass production, less than 0.05mm please contact with us.
Q-03. How does SAIJO INX handle confidential documents?
A.SAIJO INX takes all possible measures to ensure client confidentiality, and we are prepared to sign confidentiality contracts upon your request.
Q-04. What kind of facilities do you have for prototype and mass production?
A. We primarily deal with corporations. However you can contact SAIJO INX to confirm.
Q-05. How does SAIJO INX comply with the RoHS & REACH legislation?
A. All products required to the RoHS & REACH legislation are made after confirmation. For prototype we confirm it in order. For mass production we confirm it before the first delivery.
Q-06. Does SAIJO INX usually manufacture single products?
A. YES! We are completely prepared to handle such requests.
Q-07. Can SAIJO INX directly mass-produce?
A. No, Terribly sorry but we mass-produce after the completion of the prototype stage. This is due to the necessity of acquiring the know-how that will go into mass production.
Q-08. How does it usually take for an estimate?
A. Basically SAIJO INX estimate for prototypes and mass production within six hours (from 9:00 to 17:00 JST). Regardless of the products' complexity and quantity. Furthermore, we will handle the scheduling for mass production.
Q-09. Does SAIJO INX provide finishes (plating, painting, heat treatment)?
A. SAIJO INX does handle some finishes, to confirm please contact us.
Q-10. Does SAIJO INX have an ISO approval?
A. YES. The head office of Kyoto already acquired them. (ISO 9001 since 2000 and ISO 14001 since 2004).
Q-11. What kind of materials do you usually use for sheet metal manufacturing?
A. Pure iron, silicon steel sheet, SPCC, SECC, SPTE, SUS304 (spring steel raw material),SUS301, SUS316, SUS430, A1100, A1050, A5052, A3003, C1020, C1100, C1220, C2801, C2600, C2680, C5191, C5210, C7521, C7701, beryllium copper, titanium copper, pure nickel, 42Ni, various other nickel alloy Kovar, titanium, molybdenum, non-ferrous and copper alloys from various manufacturers.
Q-12. Does SAIJO INX have a track-record of handling materials that are difficult to process?
A. YES! We have a track-record of processing mlybdem, inconel, magnesium and hastelly. However it depends on the required shapes and conditions of processing. In such a case please contact us.
Q-13. Can I demand to process using only 3D data?
A. YES! SAIJO INX provided that the client decides on material, painting and allowance. We use SolidWorks, and for 2D dxf/dwg.
Q-14. Can I buy die-sets for prototypes?
A. If you are requesting die-sets for a prototype, please contact us.
Q-15. What is the life- expectancy of original simple die-sets?
A. It is from thousands to tens of thousands in case of a grade of pre-production-die. However it depends on the shapes and materials. Please contact us for further information.
Q-16. How long does SAIJO INX usually keep the original simple die-sets?
A. For 1 year after the final production. SAIJO INX certainly have confirmation and approvement from customers in disposing. Die-life does not last 2 or 3 years. As a die-maintenance is not scheduled, rust would come out. In such a case, if you demand to reuse the die-sets, die-maintenance-costs would be incured separately.
Q-17. Is it possible to acquire the original simple die-sets and/or die-designs?
A. Since they are completely original, we keep it in-house only. However if requested a contract can be made for such cases. This will ultimately increase the die-price, so we don’t recommend it to persons who need inexpensive prototypes.
Q-18. Can I have a confirmation of receipt of dies for asset management? And can I also have the dies?
A. YES. Confirmations of receipt for prototype and mass production will be issued on the model of your company. As for the original simple die-sets, it will be issued for the only exterior. And they are managed only in-house. You can issue for the die-sets except the original simple die-sets. In that case, die-sets costs are required.
Q-19. What kind of materials does SAIJO INX usually use for insert molding for prototypes?
A. PA, PC, POM, PBT, PPS, LCP, and so on. We cannot deal with thermosetting resin and PEEK in-house but with our network it may be possible to produce, contact us.
Q-20. How long does it take for the original simple die-life?
A. 3000 shots but it depends on the materials and the shapes of simple dies and the parts, contact us.
Q-21. How many does SAIJO INX produce prototypes of metal/resin sets?
A. From one (an initial prototype) to ten thousands, but it depends on the grades of simple molds.
Q-22. Does SAIJO INX suggest developments of outsourcing, cooperation and method?
A. YES. But if it corresponds to first contacts and costs. Contact with us.
Q-23. Can I have fin-samples ?(Corrugated fin, Offset fin, and etc.)
A. Yes, you can try many kinds of SAIJO original standard fins that are low cost on short delivery time. 
Please contact us, if you’d like to evaluate your products with thin sheet metal fins. And also, as for selectable dimensions and available materials, please feel free to inquire.
Q-24. Can I ask without design?
A. YES! A rough sketch or just an image, whatever. Contact with us.
Q-25. Can I buy molds for mass production?
A. No. We basically sell components.
Q-26. How many lots of mass production does SAIJO INX produce?
A. From ten thousands to hundred thousands lots. It is possible to respond the other lots of products, consult us. As for lots from several thousands to several millions are minor to produce because of the range of facilities.
Q-27. Does SAIJO INX deal with mass production, which has already done the trial stage?
A. YES, when it comes to thin sheet metal parts, there is no problem. But there are advantages and disadvantages of facilities capability. Consult us. As for insert molding, we will respond with cooperation companies.
Q-28. How many life-shot does mass production-dies have?
A. From hundred thousand to 3 hundred thousand (or more than 30 millions) shots for single die press. From million shots for progressive dies(SKH). It depends on shapes and materials, but if the dies are coated, it enables to use from 5 million to 10 million shots.