Saijo Original Standard Fin

Saijo Original Standard Fin

If you are tackling heat problems in fields like development, design and purchasing,“SAIJO original standard fins” will provide an opportunity for testing different types of fins at low cost and with a short delivery time.
You can easily evaluate corrugated fins, offset fins, and waving fins.
Should you like to make evaluations with our thin sheet metal fins (inner fins), please contact us from the “Inquiry”. We will reply to you with an estimation.
For further details of selectable dimensions or materials, please feel free to contact us.

Corrugated Fin Off set Fin Waving Fin
Corrugated Fin Off set Fin Waving Fin

A Table of Standard Fin

NEW standard fins

Part number Material Standard dimensions W L Tolerance PDF
Corrugated fins
co_01_SUS304 Stainless 0.1 1 1 2 100 10~100 Free choice ±0.05 ±0.1 PDF
co_01_A1050 Aluminum ±0.1 PDF
co_01_C1020 Copper ±0.1 PDF
co_02_SUS304 Stainless 2 ±0.2/-0 PDF
co_02_A1050 Aluminum ±0.1 PDF
co_02_C1020 Copper ±0.1 PDF
co_03_SUS304 Stainless 0.2 4 2 4 ±0.2/-0 PDF
co_03_A1050 Aluminum ±0.1 PDF
co_03_C1020 Copper ±0.2/-0 PDF
co_04_SUS430 Stainless 8 300 100~300 ±0.1 ±0.2 PDF
co_05_SUS430 Stainless 0.3 12 2.3 4.6 ±0.1 ±0.2 PDF
Offset fins(OFA:2段 OFB:3段)
of_01_SUS304 Stainless 0.1 1 1 2 1 0.5 100 10~100 Free choice ±0.05 ±0.1 PDF
of_01_A1050 Aluminum ±0.1 PDF
of_01_C1020 Copper ±0.1 PDF
of_02_SUS304 Stainless 2 2 ±0.1 PDF
of_02_A1050 Aluminum ±0.1 PDF
of_02_C1020 Aluminum ±0.1 PDF
of_03_SUS304 Stainless 0.2 4 2 4 1 ±0.2/-0 PDF
of_03_A1050 Aluminum ±0.1 PDF
of_03_C1020 Copper ±0.2/-0 PDF
Waving fins
wa_01_SUS304 Stainless 0.1 1 1 2 2.4-2.5 5 100 10~100 Free choice ±0.05 ±0.1 PDF
wa_01_A1050 Aluminum ±0.1 PDF
wa_01_C1020 Copper ±0.1 PDF
wa_02_SUS304 Stainless 2 ±0.1 PDF
wa_02_A1050 Aluminum ±0.1 PDF
wa_02_C1020 Copper ±0.1 PDF
wa_03_SUS304 Stainless 0.2 4 2 4 1.4-1.6 ±0.2/-0 PDF
wa_03_A1050 Aluminum ±0.2/-0 PDF
wa_03_C1020 Copper ±0.2/-0 PDF
Symbols and units T = Thickness, H = height, FP = fin pitch, YP = 1-rib pitch, W = material width, L = length, OW = offset width, OP = offset pitch, WR = wave radius, and WP = wave pitch Dimensions are all in mm.
Materials It is possible to process materials other than mentioned above. However, there may be a possibility of products becoming out of tolerance. Should there be no stock, it would take time to procure material.
W dimensions Should you like other W dimensions than the standardized, manufacturing cost for material guide will be necessary in addition to material cost and processing cost.
L dimensions Dimensional tolerance of the total length is YP dimensional tolerance multiplied by the number of ribs. If you focus on the tolerance of the total length, the number of ribs may vary in number.
Product weight & surface area They are numerical notation with a size of W100 x L100.
Pressure loss For detailed data please feel free to contact us.
Analysis conditions We perform analysis under conditions that fin width is 100, range 3 ribs, external wall surface 95 ° C, inflow temperature 25 ° C, and contact resistance 0.
Surface treatment Surface will be washed normally. It can be washed up to around 400 mm of L dimension. However, please note that it cannot be washed if L dimension is 400 mm or longer.
Note 1 Product type, tolerance and manufacturing method are subject to change without notice so long as specifications of the drawing are satisfied. For the latest information please visit our website.
Note 2 Dies are made of stainless steel, aluminum, and copper. Although die cleaning can be done by us, not all the requirements about minimal contamination can be satisfied.


We would like to inform you that we have discontinued selling the products indicated in “A Table of Standard Fin” since May 11, 2018.
For additional orders from the customers who have already purchased any of those, please contact our Sales Department as we will continue selling exclusively for them until the end of March 2019.
In the future, we will expand and improve the products shown in the “NEW Standard Fins”.


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