Not only does Saijo provide metal machining, we also offer assembly services. One of our top strengths is our ability to meet the thin sheet metal needs of various customers. We provide everything from automatic robotic welding, conventional processing methods, pressing, and can also adapt our plant for assembly.


Consistent Support from Production to Assembly of Metal Parts

Saijo is able to support the entire process, from parts production to mass assembly.
As a one-stop shop, we offer quick and flexible support, providing assembled parts in a stress free environment.


A Wide Range of Welding Equipment to Support the Assembly Process

With precise welding achieved by automatic robotic welding and a YAG laser welder, we are able to provide support for product assembly using equipment that can meet the requirements of each piece. We work with a wide range of materials, including stainless steel, titanium, and copper.

A Wide Range of Welding Equipment to Support the Assembly Process

Machining Examples ~From Die Cast to Press + Assembly through Welding~

Conventional Processing

Die Cast Production

Given the huge number of varieties, changing a single specification with die casts will incur costs. There is also a potential need to make the piece lightweight.

Our Proposed Processing Method

Press + Weld

We separate and press multiple parts in the piece.
Assembly is performed via automatic robotic welding. Changing single parts allows the device to support a wide variety of pieces, greatly reducing costs.


Annual Cost Reduction of 100 Million Yen

Significant Cost Reductions in Addition to Stable Supply and Lightweight Capabilities

Die Cast Pieces

Die Cast Pieces

Press + Weld Parts Assembly

Press + Weld Parts Assembly

About manufacturing availabilities

prototyping mass production
Time of delivery (estimated) 3~4week 3~4week
Number of lots 1~10,000 1~30,000
Thickness t0.05~t3.0 t0.05~t3.0
Height 200 300
Size 10~500 10~300
Accuracy of processing ±0.2 ±0.5
Main materials Steel, Nonferrous, Aluminum Steel, Nonferrous, Aluminum
Main industries In-vehicle equipment, Communication, Energy In-vehicle equipment, Communication, Energy
Main applications Connector, Switch, Motor, Dvice, Facility Connector, Relay, Switch, Enclosure, Battery, Radiator, Heat Exchanger