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Thin Sheet Metal Frame for Antenna-Components in Mobile Phones

  Thin Sheet Metal Frame for Antenna-Components in Mobile Phones  

High-QUALITY, Low-COST, Short-DELIVERY according to standardization of expertise.


Material Nonferrous metal
Plating Au、Ag、Sn、Ni, etc.
Amounts 1:10pcs
Design(data) 3D DXF Design-less    

Trial, Design process

Blank Etching Etching + Plating Microscopic Laser Processing Wire EDM Die blanking
Bending Standard Die(Die-less) Simple Die      
Plating Plating ahead Post-plating Partial plating ahead    
Inspection Profile Projector Measuring Microscope 3D CNC CMM Pin Gauge  
Delivery Yamato Transport        

How to Make

Die-sets for Antenna-Components in Mobile Phones

Recipes of Prototyping

  • Draw up the blank-data in 2 hours on average after design-data is released.
    Achieve to process blank without trial according to standardization of backup data.
  • The original simple die system and recipes enable to adjust a little stroke, 0.001 for thin sheet metal bending.
  • Supply precise and high-volume prototype stably.
  • No more troubles in processing.
  1. Design, Development
    3D data→Blank data→Etching or Manufacturing dies
  2. Design Processes
    Design Processes according to the blank data
  3. Production
    Set dies to brake press, confirm condition processes and produce

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