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Concept of Manufacuturing Mall for Sheet Metal Processing

Next generation business model. A concierge-like approach towards providing a total solution of manufacturing technologies with clients.


"With such key parts, the finished product can be made to be much smaller. " If such mass-produce such key parts, we felicitate a larger market share for the client."
Consult with us, and we will solve or facilitate your solutions.
Our aim is to be your manufacuring mall for technologies of sheet metal.
"Processing sheet metal ? YES ! It's Saijo ! "
With us, you can provide cutting-edge products on the market.

Making your story a reality


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The Samples of Metal/Resin sets

Metal Part Ⅰ
Electronic ComponentsⅠ: Metal
Connectors, Relays, Switches, Motors, Antennas, etc.

Resin Parts Ⅱ
Electronic ComponentsⅡ: Resin
Housing, Base, Connectors, Switches, etc.

Metal Part Ⅲ
Electronic ComponentsⅢ
Lead Frames, Backlights, Power Modules, etc.

Metal Parts Ⅳ
Electronic ComponentsⅣ
Covers, Shield Cases, etc.

Drawing Processing
Drawing Parts
Circular Drawing, Square Drawing, Complex shaped Drawing, etc.

Mechanical Components
Various Mechanical Parts
Vehicle Components, Industrial Machine Parts, etc.

Mechanical Components
Plate Spring
Manufacturing from 1 piece by using general-purpose die sets.

  • What’s the our KNOW-HOW?

The Examples of Difficult Processing Products

Making Fins by Stamping
Fin Stamping
Offset Fins, Corrugated Fins, etc.

The Change of Method
No More Die Casting
Low-Costs, Weight-saving,etc.

Original Deep Drawing
One-shot Deep Drawing

Suitable for a Need of Strength,etc.

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