Main equipment

Metal processing

EquipmentManufacturerModelCapacityUnit countRemarks
Folding fin manufacturing machineSaijo Inx2developed in-house
Fine laser beam machineAmadaLM505400mm×400mm3
Laser beam machineMitsubishi ElectricML1212HD-1508D1220mm×1220mm1
Profile GrinderAmada Washino DV1 φ100mm1
Wire EDMMitsubishi Electric and others 160mm~300mm 12
Linear motor drive high speed wire EDMSodickAQ327L Premium370mmx270mm1
Linear motor drive high speed wire EDMSodickAQ300L 300mmx200mm 2introduced in Feburary 2007
High precision wire EDMMitsubishi Electric DIAX FA10PSM 350mmx250mm1
Wire EDMSeibu ElectricMM35-A 1introduced in March 2012
Wire EDMMitsubishi ElectricNA12001introduced in March 2012
Wire EDMSeibu Electric SuperMM50AФ0.05~0.3mm1 introduced in Feburary 2011
Ultrahigh speed fine hole EDMMitsubishi ElectricMEM-H8N Ф0.2~3.0 1introduced in Feburary 2007
Fine hole EDMMitsubishi Electric, Amada and othersФ0.5 or larger4
Aero lapping machineYamashita WorksALT model YT100100V 1introduced in December 2010
AC servo press brakeToyo Koki18t2With NC back gauge
AC servo press brakeToyo Koki and AmadaFMB-062 and others6t22With NC back gauge
AC servo pressPress GikenSP-956Q5t 1developed in-house
AC servo pressKyoto Shisaku SolutionsMachiya press 0.8t14introduced in Feburary 2007
AC servo pressKyoto Shisaku SolutionsMachiya press 3t 1
Servo pressNihon Automatic SBP505S5t2
Hydraulic press brakeAmada and Komatsu 35t2
Press (15t~35t) Single-hitKomatsu25t2
Press (45t~80t) Multiple-hitsKomatsu45t3punching unit
Foot press3
Set pressFuji Kiko 1
Kicking press 1
Eccentric pressShikishima 8
Corner shearAmada 1
Desktop Laser WelderYasui & Co. Mini Laser VL-5050W 1introduced in January 2010
Spot welderPanasonic YR-350SHA35KVA 1inverter
Spot welderChuo-Seisakusho2
Desktop spot welderKondo TechKTH-MWS3equipped with 3D robots
TIG welderPanasonic 1
Stud welderPanasonic 1
NC milling machineIwatani, Showa and others 150mm×300mm 6
Surface forming grinderKuroda, Nikko and others 180mm×500mm 5
ShearingKomatsu t=0.1~2.0 1
Drilling machineKomatsu 3
CADMACAutomatic ProConicWin32  2 (sets)Corresponding to DXF formats
CAD/CAM Godo SolutionNazca2 (sets)
3D CADCannon System Solutions SolidWorks 2
Amada AP100CAMAmadaAP100 LM505 CAM for laser only1
NASUKAMitsubishi Electric and othersCADCAM for Wire EDM only2
Analysis softwareKozo KeikakuCOSMOS WORKS、Flow WORKS1 (set)
ProjectorNikonV-12BDC & others5X/10X/20X4
Electric furnaceChugai Prox L3/11/P3201,100℃1
Equipment for simplified die productionMilling, Lathe, Forming Polisher & others
Fin manufacturing machine (developed in-house)Saijo Inx 5
Servo pressAidaA-SF-1100D80t 2introduced in March 2011
Digital AC servo pressAmadaα‐60 CV‐3008 4 post guided80t(~150spm)1introduced in May 2009
High speed precision pressYamada Dobbyα‐60 CV‐3008 4 post guided60t1introduced in March 2007
Torque pack pressAmada TP80 80t1equipped with auto clamp
Torque pack pressAmada TPL45SI 45t 1equipped with auto clamp
Die-ing machineJAMPGA-100010t1high-speed press
Torque pack pressAmadaTP4545t3
OBS power pressKomatsuOBS1515t1
Torque pack pressAmadaTP3535t1
Torque pack pressAmadaTP2525t3
Shearing machineKomatsuKS4X125 4.0t×1250mm1With electric back gauge
LevelerBrotherRP5-151 max. Width 100mm1
Riveting machineYoshikawa Iron WorksUS-30low carbon steel sheet 0.5~5.0mm1
Tapping machineBrother BTA-501/BTO-263 M2.5~M6 2
Automatic tapping machineBrotherBT-6M2.5~M63
Multi axis tapping machineToyo Seiki 01-T MS/01C-TM2.5~M6 2
Drilling machineASHINA SF-E ~13mm 1
Fine levelerPress GikenFL-100/FL-100Hmax. Width 100mm4T=0.8 MAX fine leveler width 100mm
Spot welderChuo-Seisakusho and othersS1-6-354-30 & others50KVA・35KVA30
YAG laser welderSumitomo Heavy Industries and MiyachiJK701/MI-233A/ML-2332B  400W 5equipped with 3D robots
NC milling machineEnshuSFV-B 1
Surface grinderAmadaSG52F180mm×500mm 1
Surface forming grinderKuroda PrecisionGS-45FL 150mm×450mm 1introduced in February 2007
CNC surface grinderKuroda PrecisionGS-63PF 600×300mm 1introduced in February 2011
Forming grinderNikko F-515R120mm×270mm 2one unit additionally purchased in March 2007
Drilling machineKira4

Injection Molding

EquipmentManufacturerModelCapacityUnit countRemarks
Hydraulic servo ultraprecise injection molding machineNissei Plastic IndustrialNEX15-1FN15t1introduced in September 2010
Vertical injection molding machineNissei Plastic IndustrialST10S2V10t1
Vertical injection molding machineNissei Plastic IndustrialST10S2V (Hybrid)10t1
Vertical injection molding machineNissei Plastic IndustrialST10S2V20t1
Mold temperature regulatorMatsui MFG P0-50 1
Linear motor drive, precision die-sinker EDMSodick AP1L200mmx120mm 1
Vertical machining centerMakino Milling Machine V22 1
3D Mold CAMMakino Milling MachineFF/CAM、You-CAM machining 1
Swing robotYushin Precision EquipmentMini HOP-G300 1introduced in March 2012
Row material feederNihon YukiHF-1 1introduced in March 2012
DehumidifierMatsui MFG DMZ2-120J 1introduced in March 2012

Measuring Equipment

EquipmentManufacturerModelCapacityUnit countRemarks
Optical measuring microscopeNippon Vision Engineering10X 〜100X1introduced in February 2008
3D measuring machineMitsutoyoCRT-P M443400mm×400mm×300mm1introduced in March 2007 (contact type)
Measuring microscopeNikonMM-40/L3FA10X〜100X2
CNC vision measuring systemMitsutoyo QV202 30X / 75X1 (set)
Vision measuring systemMitsutoyo QS-L200Z/AF 21X~ 147X1 (set)
Profile projectorNikon and MitsutoyoV-12B & others5X / 10X / 50X10
Digital microscopeHiroxKH8700 35X~2500X1


EquipmentManufacturerModelCapacityUnit countRemarks
internet/E-mail/homepageNOVELLNet Ware Ver.4.1150 users30Production & sales management, OA, telephone line communication possible
Cleaning machine (Hydrocarbon-based vacuum 2-tank type)Act Five ICS-2-E-2 (Built-in distiller)1Ultrasonic wave 24KHZ
Electronic scaleIshidaNCS504
ForkliftNissanForklift NL01A151.5t1