Wide Width & High-Aspect-Ratio

Wide Width & High-Aspect-Ratio ~The Highest Level in the World~

In order to meet the surge of the demand, we make use of our exceptional technology and endeavour to exceed the expectations of customers, who are engaged in machinery, in-vehicle, aviation, a plant, medical, ship and others.
We can provide wide width and high aspect ratic thin sheet metal fin at short delivery time and competitive price for costomers having problems with heat.
So we can meet various needs from prototypes to mass production.

PDF PDF PDF Corrugated Fin Off set Fin Waving Fin You can enlarge if you click!!
Product name T
Fin Pitch
1 Row Pitch
Inside Corner R
Height/Fin Pitch
Corrugated Fin 0.2 20.0 2.8 5.6 0.8 7.1 550.0 PDF
Off set Fin 0.2 15.0 3.0 6.0 0.2 5.0 300.0 PDF
Waving Fin 0.2 20.0 2.8 5.6 0.8 7.1 450.0 PDF

Feasible Standard Processing Size

最上オリジナル 標準規格フィン


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The Samples of Metal/Resin sets

Metal Part Ⅰ
Electronic ComponentsⅠ: Metal
Connectors, Relays, Switches, Motors, Antennas, etc.

Resin Parts Ⅱ
Electronic ComponentsⅡ: Resin
Housing, Base, Connectors, Switches, etc.

Metal Part Ⅲ
Electronic ComponentsⅢ
Lead Frames, Backlights, Power Modules, etc.

Metal Parts Ⅳ
Electronic ComponentsⅣ

Covers, Shield Cases, etc.

Drawing Processing
Drawing Parts

Circular Drawing, Square Drawing, Complex shaped Drawing, etc.

Drawing Processing
Various Mechanical Parts
Prototypes for in-vehicle parts, industrial equipment, OA equipment, & etc.

Mechanical Components
Plate Spring
Manufacturing from 1 piece by using general-purpose die sets.

  • What’s the our KNOW-HOW?

The Examples of Difficult Processing Products

Making Fins by Stamping
Fin Stamping
Offset Fins, Corrugated Fins, etc.

The Change of Method
No More Die Casting
Low-Costs, Weight-saving,etc.

Original Deep Drawing
One-shot Deep Drawing
Suitable for a Need of Strength,etc.

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