Folding Fin

Providing customer-oriented solutions against thermal issues -Folding Fin-

We provide customers with ultra-light and cost-effective products, manufactured by sheet metal stamping.
Our effcient manufacturing process allows them to customize metal fins at low initial fees.
This thin sheet metal fin is named " Folding Fin".

Origin of the name
Folding Fin is folded the metal material, so we named Folding Fin after that reason.

At the development stage, generally customers analyze the optimum shape, first. Then they make prototypes and evaluate it, moreover they change the shape repeatedly.
Each trail, they need the tooling cost, and they waste the development cost and time.

We make Folding Fin by our original equipment, so we can provide the customized products, that you can choose fin height and pitch freely, on short delivery time.
You can reduce the development cost and time, moreover if you make several different kinds of products at once, your development effciency increase.
And also, the prototyping processing is same with mass production. So about quality, there are no differences between prototype and mass production.

We continue challenging the thermal issues and we provide you solutions as a development partner.


  • No initial cost
  • Made to order
  • Not use the machining oil (= no washing)
  • Process patent pending

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Detailed information


Corresponding ranges

The dimensions indicated on the table below refer to fins which can be manufactured using current equipment.
Depends on combination of thickness, pitch, and height , a consultation is mandatory.

Width ~100mm
Thickness 0.05~0.5mm(SUS~t0.3)
Pitch 2mm~
Height 2.0mm~75mm
Material Alminum,Copper,Stailess,steel,Brass,etc.

For dimensions other than the ones specified in the table above, a consultations is mandatory.

Table for Processing Range of Folding Fin (ver5)



Fins with various heights and pitches
Triangular fins
Fins at different heights
Anodized fins
Fins screwed to their base
Fins fitting a cyrved base
Fins fitting a square pipe
Fins fitting curved surface
Conical fins
Fins assembled into a ring
Customized fins

Characteristic compared with general heat sink

This reference date is that we performed the simulation of Folding Fin and general heat sink.

    Forced air cooling


    Natural air cooling


(Outside dimensions of model: 40mm x 40mm x 20mm)

Comparison with other method

  Folding Fin Extrusion Die casting
Fine shape
High aspect
Freedom in material selection

   Fine shape

  • ・Folding Fin is made of thin sheet metal.
  • ・The pitch can be less than 2mm.*1

   High aspect

  • ・It doesn't need slope on Folding Fin.
  • ・It can be made fins that has high aspect rate.

   Freedom in material selection

  • ・You can choose various material.
  • ・Depends on material, you can make products have characteristics that extrusion and die casting products don't


  • ・Folding Fin is flexibility that extrusion and die casting products don't have.
  • ・It can be wound fins around products and equipments.

*1 Depends on the combination, it could not be manufactured.

Comparison with heat receiving area


Compared to a corrugated fin, Folding Fin's heat receiveing area with the heat source is at least twice larger.


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