Fin Stamping

Innovation partner with thin sheet metal fins

Thin sheet heat sinks / Corrugated fins / Offset fins / Waving fins / Folding fin processing

Fins are used in various applications such as automobiles, industrial equipment, heat exchangers for fuel cells, LED lighting fixtures, and communication equipment. We make proposals for giving shape to your ideas of fins for radiator, heat exchanger, heat sink, current collector etc. and realize them as a corrugated fin, offset fin, inner fin, louver fin, or waving fin all in complicated shapes as well as give support in conversion from prototypes to mass produced products to accelerate your product launch. We provide these services for those who are tackling heat problems in the fields of development, design and development purchase faster than anyone else.


Shape of fins

Various shapes are available to meet customers'needs.
We can also propose a manufacturing method suited to their preferences.

Corrugated fins Offset fins Waving fins
Corrugated fins Offset fins Waving fins

Folding fin

Louver fin

Folding fin
Louver fin
※Only available for prototyping


There are a lot of requests for manufacturing "fins made of thin sheet metal" from customers working on environmental technologies and energy saving.
Fin are used for a wide range of applications such as heat exchanger, exhaust heat recovery equipment, EGR cooler, and oil cooler fin.
We can give continuous support from proposing an optimum shape in prototyping, taking mass production into consideration, to converting prototype into mass produced products.
We process thin sheet metal using press dies and special equipment. Materials are usually aluminum, copper and stainless steel but special ones such like inconel and titanium can also be processed.


  • From development to mass production of various thin sheet metal fins
  • Folding fins manufactured by an original method
  • Provision of product specification by customers ⇒ analysis / design ⇒ prototyping ⇒ mass production
  • Test evaluations can be easily conducted with standard fins before the design phase starts
  • A wide range of materials ⇒ Aluminum, copper, stainless steel, and hard-to-work materials


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The Samples of Metal/Resin sets

Metal Part Ⅰ
Electronic ComponentsⅠ: Metal
Connectors, Relays, Switches, Motors, Antennas, etc.

Resin Parts Ⅱ
Electronic ComponentsⅡ: Resin
Housing, Base, Connectors, Switches, etc.

Metal Part Ⅲ
Electronic ComponentsⅢ
Lead Frames, Backlights, Power Modules, etc.

Metal Parts Ⅳ
Electronic ComponentsⅣ

Covers, Shield Cases, etc.

Drawing Processing
Drawing Parts

Circular Drawing, Square Drawing, Complex shaped Drawing, etc.

Drawing Processing
Various Mechanical Parts
Prototypes for in-vehicle parts, industrial equipment, OA equipment, & etc.

Mechanical Components
Plate Spring
Manufacturing from 1 piece by using general-purpose die sets.

  • What’s the our KNOW-HOW?

The Examples of Difficult Processing Products

Making Fins by Stamping
Fin Stamping
Offset Fins, Corrugated Fins, etc.

The Change of Method
No More Die Casting
Low-Costs, Weight-saving,etc.

Original Deep Drawing
One-shot Deep Drawing
Suitable for a Need of Strength,etc.

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