Saijo Original Die -Sets System

The Original Simple Die-sets System for Prototype

Short delivery, high-volume parts, the same precision and method as that of mass productuion.

The most suitable method for processing sheet metal is provided upon your purpose, precision, quality, delivery, budget, and the number of parts.
We will provide solutions of a sort of the following ideas or imaginations.

  • If only this prototype was done with a littre tolerance same as that of mass productuion...
  • If only the total cost was reduced to manufacture only five thousand products...
  • We can produce by the simple dies until the mass production-dies are finished to manufacture.
  • If only there were a large number of products for test run of the automated machine.
  • Since the spring of material is needed, I would like to blank with a simple die-set.

There are three levels of prototyping from prototype to mass production run.


【 Simple Standardised Die System 】

Level 1 : Initial-prototype

This kind of dies (see the picture below) are desposable. Or processing without dies will be provided. (It depends on shapes).
We manufacuture a layered-dies by laser cut or wire EDM cut.
We can visualize potential problems with mass production by analysing the development chart and the data of spring-back.

バラバラ型 積層済み

Level 2 : Imploved Prototype

Simple dies for imploved prototype are used 2~5 times and produced by 100 parts.
They are applied to the data of the intial-prototype.
These die-sets achieve to change designs and to remake partially. We realize the cost-reduction of remaking partially by applying to the dies of the initial-prototype.

曲げ用 刃先研磨型

Level 3 : Pre-production Prototype

The number of the dies is limited by several thousands.
We make core parts of the dies by wire EDM and grinder.
We achieve to manufacture various dies : single press, simple progressive press and both of them.
Small error tolerance same as that of mass production. We produce drawing-parts with a simple die-sets. We can manufacture parts by the simple die-set until mass production-die is completed.
It is suitable to produce for a test run of the automated machine.

60角 40角

★Simple die-set system for the almost same precision as that of mass production.
Standardisation of simple dies.
Manufacturing minimum required core-dies enables short deliverys and high-precision.

Simple Die-sets

Level ∞: Consistent Production System -from prototype to mass production run-

We realize to produce from prototype to mass production by sharing datas and know-how.
One of our core-competences is to produce from prototype to mass production by using well-equipped facilities, manpower and know-how.
We agile your problems flexibly. (NO SPECIFIC BORDER from prototype to mass production run. )

We propose and manufacture the most suitable method upon your delivery, estimate, acuuracy, quality and quantity.


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The Samples of Metal/Resin sets

Metal Part Ⅰ
Electronic ComponentsⅠ: Metal
Connectors, Relays, Switches, Motors, Antennas, etc.

Resin Parts Ⅱ
Electronic ComponentsⅡ: Resin
Housing, Base, Connectors, Switches, etc.

Metal Part Ⅲ
Electronic ComponentsⅢ
Lead Frames, Backlights, Power Modules, etc.

Metal Parts Ⅳ
Electronic ComponentsⅣ

Covers, Shield Cases, etc.

Drawing Processing
Drawing Parts

Circular Drawing, Square Drawing, Complex shaped Drawing, etc.

Drawing Processing
Various Mechanical Parts
Prototypes for in-vehicle parts, industrial equipment, OA equipment, & etc.

Mechanical Components
Plate Spring
Manufacturing from 1 piece by using general-purpose die sets.

  • What’s the our KNOW-HOW?

The Examples of Difficult Processing Products

Making Fins by Stamping
Fin Stamping
Offset Fins, Corrugated Fins, etc.

The Change of Method
No More Die Casting
Low-Costs, Weight-saving,etc.

Original Deep Drawing
One-shot Deep Drawing
Suitable for a Need of Strength,etc.

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